Social Workers


LSW – Licensed Social Worker – at least a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, ASWB exam, fee $75.00

CSW – Certified Social Worker – a master’s or doctorate degree in Social Work, ASWB exam, fee $125.00

LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker – 2 years practice as a CSW with an LCSW supervisor, 150 supervision hours, a master’s or doctorate degree in Social Work, ASWB exam, fee $200.00

Three (3) year renewal period for licenses.

Continued Education

  • LSW: Fifteen (15) hrs
  • CSW: Thirty (30) hrs
  •  LCSW: Thirty (30) hrs online or in person

Temporary Practice

Temporary Practice is allowed for in state practice for 280 days but does not allow teletherapy.

Special conditions/requirements

Kentucky Social Work Ethics – Three (3) hour course that must specifically cover the Kentucky Code of Ethical Conduct with KBSW-Ethics Approval# on the certificate, every renewal period.

Suicide Prevention Training – One six (6) hours course suicide assessment, treatment, and management every six (6) years

Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Training – Three (3) course required during the three (3) year renewal period following initial licensure. 

Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma – One and one-half (1.5) hours covering the recognition and prevention of pediatric abusive head trauma every six (6) years

Telehealth Rules

CSW’s and LCSW’s in KY can practice teletherapy.  During the COVID emergency out-of-state LCSW’s can apply to see any existing clients in KY via telehealth.

Parity for teletherapy is required by law; phone only contacts are allowed during the COVID emergency.

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