Social Work and Kentucky Law

Legal and Ethical Duties to Vulnerable Individuals for Social Work Practitioners

  • Do I understand my duties to protect/warn/inform correctly?
  • What actions does the law specifically require or prohibit (must do, may do, can do, can’t do) in regard to my duties to protect/warn/inform?
  • How do I balance these duties with the duty of confidentiality and other obligations?
  • How do I conduct myself professionally with my interactions with the court?
  • How can I enhance my clients/consumers’ informed consent?

This three-hour Social Work and Kentucky Law workshop presents the legal duties for social workers towards vulnerable individuals.  This means the duties for reporting child abuse and adult/elder abuse and the duty to inform and assist with individuals in domestic violence situations.  The duty to warn for harm to self and others will also be covered as well as the limits of confidentiality and the protection of privacy and the exercise of privilege.   Court etiquette for social workers will be given and a template for informed consent. Documentation, record release, and retention will be reviewed along with involuntary commitment statutes.

This self-study course is presented for educational purposes and approved by the Kentucky Board of Social Work, Sponsor number KSWB 2020037.

Presenters: Brian J. Dufresne, Esq & Hank Cecil, LCSW

Course Information

Course Instructor

Hank Cecil Hank Cecil, LCSW Author

Hank Cecil is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kentucky. He is an active member of the KY Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). He received his Master of Art in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Kentucky and also holds a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MHI) from Northern Kentucky University.

Social Work and Kentucky Law

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