Ethics for Re-licensure – Self Study

This workshop is designed to explore the major topics of ethics and codes of conduct for social workers.  The presenter will focus on the Kentucky code of ethical conduct for social workers with references to the NASW Ethics code and other professional codes.  The workshop meets the requirements of KY Board of Social Work for the three-hour continued education requirement in ethics for licensure renewals under Sponsor number KSWBSP 2019058

The learning objectives for this course:

  1. to review the KY Code of Ethical Conduct
  2. to learn the application of ethics through case discussions
  3. to gain a framework for ethical decision-making

The laptop you use for social work services is stolen.  What do you do?  Can you keep your personal life separate from your professional life in today’s “always on” society?

This course is a recorded webinar divided into two parts which are taken in sequence.  At the end of lesson 2 the participant must pass a test with an 80% score in three attempts.  Lesson 3 is the required evaluation form to be completed before receiving the certificate.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Hank Cecil Hank Cecil, LCSW Author

Hank Cecil is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kentucky. He is an active member of the KY Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). He received his Master of Art in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Kentucky and also holds a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MHI) from Northern Kentucky University.


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